Llynmase Return And Refund Process:

Bring you the trendiest range of products from, we understand that you’ll sometimes end up with something you’d like to return.

We’ll take back and evaluate your item as long as you:

  • Book your return via your orders page, and note your return authorization (RA) number
  • Return each item in its original condition and packaging, with all accessories or components
  • Include reference to your return authorization (RA) number with your return parcel

Since we want to make your returns experience with as hassle-free as possible, we will arrange for courier collection.

Three steps to return your item to us:

Upon arrival of your return parcel at Llynmase warehouse, you will be called. Please note that when you return an item,

–       The extent of your refund,

–       Repair or replacement will depend on various factors as detailed below.

These include the condition of the item, how long you’ve had the item, and how the item was purchased. We aim to process your return within 2 weeks. Please note that this may take longer if we need to work with Partners.  

Llynmase Refunds

Getting your money back to you as swift as possible is the idea. Once a refund decision has been made about your return according to our refund policy, we will authorize your refund according to your original method of payment.

Payments by EFT (electronic transfer fund) will be first method; your refund will be credited to your account. Your account credit will be visible next to your name, ready to use towards a future purchase. If you would like available credit paid back into your bank account, you can complete a refund credit request, and then expect the EFT to take up to 5 working days to reflect in your bank account.

Please note that your refund will be processed accordingly.



Cancellation of order before dispatch

100% of original sale price

Return of unused, unwanted item within 48hrs since delivery

80% of original sale price

Return of unused, unwanted item beyond 2 days within 2 weeks

50%-70% of original sale price

Return of damaged or defective item (manufacturing fault) within 24hrs since delivery

100% of original sale price

Return of damaged or defective item (non-manufacturing fault) within 4 weeks since delivery

Zero to 30%

Return of suspected defective item found to be in perfect working order



Subject to how your specific returned item is evaluated for a refund, repair or replacement according to our refund policy. 

Return and refund FAQs

Questions we often answer:

  • Can I cancel my order prior to delivery?

A- Yes. You are welcome to cancel your “waiting” order up until it is packed to dispatch. Go here for more information on cancelling your order.

Q-What happens if the item I’ve bought arrives damaged?

  • If your parcel arrives damaged, and the seal is broken, PLEASE do not accept/reject the package.

 Please bear in mind that items are assessed by our quality control unit.

Q-What happens if the item I’ve bought doesn’t work properly?

A– Book your return via your orders page. Depending on how soon you encounter the manufacturing defect, your returns will be assessed according to our refund policy. Please keep in mind that in some cases we may need to have your item assessed by an authorised dealer or repair agent. If your item is found to be defective due to a manufacturing fault, within 7 days of delivery, we will refund that item in full.

Q– What happens if an item I thought was defective actually works?

A-If your item was returned as defective, but it’s actually in perfect working order, then we will return the item to you. Although we occasionally charge, you may be liable for the costs of collecting, and then returning, that item to you though.

Q-What happens if I didn’t get what I ordered?

A-Errors are inevitable, please book your return and let us know as soon as possible so that we can resolve the mix-up.

Q-Where can I find my return authorization (RA) number?

A-Open up the first email you received when you requested to return an item. Your return authorization (RA) number is on the left hand side, just beneath the logo. Your RA number serves as a handy reference for you to use at any stage regarding your return, and also helps us to keep track of who the return item belongs to.

Q-How long will you take to process my refund?

A-We will try to process all refunds as fast as possible. If you cancel your order before dispatch (24hrs), we may process your refund within 2 – 3 working days. If you return an item, we may to have your money back to you within 7 working days of a refund decision being reached.  

These 7 working days involve both parties bank process.

Q-When will my refund for a cancelled order be processed?

A-Your refund for a cancellation depends on the payment method you used for your purchase, and processing times differ accordingly.

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