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Darkness only falls when it's all gone. With so much premium cocoa there's no wonder this chocolate bar soon disappears. Its cocoa content of 50% and balanced mixture of beans from Papua New Guinea, Madagascar and West Africa simply make this bar very popular. Our tip: never leave it out of your sight while enjoying it. RITTER SPORT chocolate is one of the best chocolate bars in the world. The secret to every chocolate. The term “chocolate mass” refers to the combination of all the basic ingredients required to manufacture chocolate after the conching process, i.e. a blend of cocoa liquor, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, lecithin and natural flavourings. The most well-known are milk chocolate mass, dark chocolate mass and white chocolate mass. At RITTER SPORT we actually have 12 different chocolate masses. Dark chocolate mass is made up of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and usually vanilla and lecithin. If the cocoa liquor contains more than 40% fine or flavour cocoa, it is known as Fine Extra Dark Chocolate. If the chocolate contains 50% or more cocoa, it is called Dark Chocolate. The high level of cocoa liquor in the chocolate mass makes for a particularly intense, full-bodied cocoa flavour. Dark chocolate does not usually contain milk, though one ingredient is occasionally clarified butter. The sugar content of dark chocolate is usually lower than that of milk chocolate. The cocoa content is made up of the cocoa liquor and the cocoa butter: in other words, the more cocoa there is in the chocolate, the more fat it contains. Thus it is not necessarily the case that dark chocolate contains fewer calories than full-cream milk chocolate. That gives you the irresistible feelings and fulfillment of eating the whole bar. Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate - just mmmmmmh! Make sure to buy from Geralin Gioielli. Only with us you can get the real Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Bar 100g/3.52-Ounce.

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