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2 bunches Ugwu leaves ( you can also use Spinach or Soko)
3 medium /2 big size bell peppers (Tatashe)
11/2scotch bonnet (Rodo)
1/2 cup Palm Oil
11/2 medium size red onions
Assorted meats of your choice (Shaki, Kpomo, cow leg, smoked turkey or beef are ideal)
Dried stockfish (Panla)
Smoked cat fish
1 tablespoon Locust beans (Iru)
1/2 cup raw/cooked prawns (Optional)
1/4 cup smoked prawns (Optional)
2 Knorr chicken cubes or any bullion cubes of your choosing.
3 tablespoons ground Crayfish
Salt to taste

Efo Riro needs no introduction as it’s one of the most popular vegetable soups in Nigeria and an absolute favourite of the Yorubas. It’s quite an easy dish to prepare, as long as you follow the major instructions and requirements.

A major rule is; using tomatoes for Efo Riro is an absolute No No! All you need to use are Bell peppers and Scotch bonnets. Definitely no tomatoes!

Also, to get the best out of Efo Riro, you need to use Palm Oil. Some people use vegetable oil though but I’m yet to eat any that’s made with vegetable oil that has wowed me.For me, I’ll say Palm Oil all the way! If you’ve got health concerns or allergies which limits your Palm Oil consumption, then feel free to use your preferred cooking oil.

Efo Riro doesn’t need too much seasoning, curry, thyme or white pepper are unnecessary. All it needs to thrive is very rich beef/chicken stock, this means you need to properly season your meats as the stock is what really determines the outcome. I hardly add seasoning to it during the cooking process, I just rely on the stock….and my ever faithful Knorr Chicken Cubes.

If you’re using Spinach; which is very common, ensure you get rid of practically all the water in it before adding, failure to do this will produce limp and soggy Efo Riro.

Also, try to use as much assorted meats as you possibly can, the more the variety, the better. Another tip is to fry your meats lightly, this helps to firm up the meat and also improves the appearance and taste of your Efo Riro.

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