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Can you do without power extension boxes at home or in the office? You sure can't. You need them to plug in your devices and appliances.

But are you using extension boxes that protect your appliances? Most times, people don't. They go for cheaper, ordinary extension boxes...

Unfortunately, ordinary extension boxes offer no protection. When you use them, your appliances are exposed to the full risk of damage from power surges, lightning strikes and myraid other power issues that can damage your expensive appliances and devices. When you save on cost of extension box and end up with risk of damage to your sensitive TVs, home theater system, decoder, iphones and other phones, laptops, printers, tablets, WiFi modems, projectors and other prized appliances, you need to think again!

Plugging expensive, high sensitivity appliances like laptops, desktop PCs, phones, TVs, etc into basic power extension boxes is not the wisest thing to do. They offer no protection against power surge, thunder, overload, and other power hazards that could damage your precious equipment. They may be cheaper, but they put your expensive devices at risk!

What if you get proactive and deploy, a surge-protected, thunder-proof extension box that protects your sensitive equipment. Like the Mercury Surge Protector 6420U-4U - surge secure power extension box.

The Mercury Surge Protector provides six protected power outlets to plug in your important devices. It also has 4 USB ports to plug your USB-powered devices like phones, powerbanks, WiFi Modems, etc. It's no brainer that this is the wise way to power your devices. With the Mercury 6420U six-outlet surge protector, you get a bridge against power problems that coud otherwise damage your appliances.

Universal Output Sockets
EMI / RFI Protection
Space Saving, Neat and Compact
Circuit Overload Breaker Protection
Socket 6 x Universal
Output DC (Total) 4 USB 5V2A
Voltage – 230VAC
Current – 10A(Max)
Phase – Single phase
Power Indicator – Neon Type
Cable Length – 1.8 Meters
Plug – British Type

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