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Martini is the world's No.1 Italian sparkling wine brand. This sparkling wine is made fresh every month, using only a selected blend of Italian musts and wines. This sparkling wine has the scent of rose, violet and rosemary. its flavour is refreshing, sweet and fruity, with hints of wild strawberry.

Martini Rose is an elegant, salmon-pink sparkling rosé wine, from the Martini family. Martini Rose has an aromatic bouquet of rose, wild strawberry and raspberry with a hint of black pepper. Martini Rose has a semi-sweet taste, with notes of fresh strawberry and a citrus finish. Martini Rose is a soft, fruity and well balanced wine.

This unique blend of aromatic grapes, including Moscato and Ancillotta, is finely balanced by our Wine Master with a berry-rich acidity and a hint of orange zest.

Fresh and exuberant, its gentle berry sweetness, delicate floral notes and citrus acidity make this an elegant spumante that works with aperitivo or dessert.

Perfect for an al fresco meal or aperitif, the vibrant fruit notes of this wine can be elevated by the saltiness and acidity of seafood dishes. Marinated squid, steamed mussels or even simple lemon-spritzed smoked salmon make a fine pairing.

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