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This drink combines well with mixers to add extra flavour to the taste. Whatever you do, be sure to drink responsibly. Don't drink and drive, arrive alive. And if you're going out with friends, you should have a designated driver. Pace yourself as you drink in order to prevent a hangover. Martini bitter Apertivo originale is an extraordinary brewing formulation. It has unique thirst quenching properties and an exotic flavour. It is a blend of three rare botanicals, saffron, angostura and calumba. These botanicals are dispersed in filtered alcohol to give a rich aroma that tickles the nostrils. It also has a smooth texture that massages the throat linings. Life may be short, but you can lengthen its moments with a gulp of Martini Apertivo. Aperitifs are especially made for pre-dinner consumption. They awaken all appetites in the body, especially the appetite to eat. So while waiting for fries, spicy soups or barbecued meats, you should gulp down a glass of this exotic recipe. It will refresh, recharge and reinvigorate you. It will also initiate your taste buds into the rich Italian legacy that has birthed the Martini brand Shaken not stirred' - that famous line from the James Bond movie franchise is used to denote the way he likes his favourite drink - the Vesper Martini. But we all know that no martini cocktail is complete without a good vermouth to mix it with.

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