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A super stable work top with a solid four leg frame. Steam ironing board with a adjustable steam iron rest suitable for standard steam irons and left and right handed use. Adjustable to seven heights 69 – 96 cm. Cotton cover for a smoother ironing surface. Transport lock for easy storage.

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Brabantia ironing board with steam iron rest

This Brabantia Size B ironing board is ideal for your everyday ironing. It features 7 adjustable working heights (69 -96 cm) and a metal iron rest which is suitable for both left or right-handed use. Its child lock prevents the ironing board collapsing accidentally, while the transport lock keeps it securely folded for storage. Robust non-slip caps on the tubular legs help prevent floor damage. It comes with a 100% cotton cover with resilient foam underlay.

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Brabantia, ironing board, ironing board cover


The board’s wide work surface and adjustable working heights are ideal for your everyday ironing.

Brabantia, ironing board, iron, steam iron


This iron rest is perfect to park both steam and regular irons. The iron rest is made of stainless steel ensuring its durability.

Brabantia, ironing board, ironing board cover

Non-Slip Caps

The protective non-slip caps on each of the board’s feet protect the floor while its transport lock keeps the board folded for storage.

Ironing board, ironing board cover, laundry

100% Cotton Cover

The ironing board includes a 100% cotton cover. Thanks to its cord binder and stretch system, the cover ensures the surface remains taut.

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Dimensions 7 × 48.49 × 160.02 cm


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