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Bacardi Superior Original Premium Rum is made from delicate crispy woody herbs, fresh apricot, fresh fruits, almonds and other soft nuts. From the stables of Don facundo this golden complexioned rum hits differently. Especially if it is your first time. This bold but smooth spirit has an unaged flavour. As a mixture of fresh fruits and charred Oaks, this superior Gold rum is like no other. It has a smooth long lasting taste. As an alcoholic drink, it is distilled from fermented sticky by-product of sugar. After it is thoroughly filtered through charcoal, it is left to mature to perfection for years in American, white oak trees. It contains an ABV of 37.5%. As it is without the dominant sharpness of gin and vodka, you can mix this rum with Cola, orange juice, lime juice, tonic and lots of ice, to give yourself the true taste of Caribbean Cocktail.

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