. Entire steamer is made with Stainless Steel.
    . Includes 2 interchangeable Steamer Trays.
    . Can be used as 3 different pots. (3 Level, 2 Level, Single Level)
    . Equipped with stay cool handles. NEW 2019 Model now w/ Triply Bottom
    . Measurements: 12.5″ Width x 9.75″ Height (outer dimensions). VERY LARGE steamer, great for 3-4


    Sturdy stainless steel jars for wet / dry grinding
    450 Watts motor
    Transparent liquidizing jar
    2 Speed control with incher for momentary operation
    Multi-functional blade system
    Motor overload protector
    Easy grip jar handles


    • Make 4 slices of delicious toasts
    • 2 Bun warmer racks for reheating buns, croissants and danishes etc
    • Cool touch housing
    • Variable browning control
    • Reheat, defrost and cancel functions with indicator lights
    • Self-centring bread guide for even toasting
    • Automatic pop-up after toasting
    • Slide-out removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
    • Cord wrap compartment for easy storage
    • Voltage: 220-240 – 50-60Hz
    • Power:1300-1500W
  • Binatone Blender And Smoothie Maker BLS-360

    The Binatone BLS-360 Blender/Smoothie Maker is a must-have kitchen appliance for every home. It is a safe and healthy way of blending and grinding food in the kitchen. If you’re always worried about your smoothie smelling of pepper or ground beans, then this Blender & Smoothie Maker is just what you need. It makes it easier to stay healthy and prepare healthy and balanced meals. With this blender, getting your recommended dose of vitamins and minerals is even easier. This Binatone Blender/Smoothie will make food preparing absolute fun!

    We have different types of food that need to be prepared in various ways. It can be used to prepare your favourite fruit juices, milkshakes, and other cocktails. If you are a coffee lover, it will help you grind your coffee beans, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, meats, coconuts, and spices. It has been equipped with the facility to add ingredients during blending and making of smoothie. Cord storage after use.

    The blender has a 2‐speed level control and another speed level for extra strong blending. This blender can be used in homes, hotels, and restaurants. It is energy and time saving; you will be glad you made the purchase on Jumia. It features durable steel blades that last long and the blender is powered by a 300W engine.


    Black+Decker dough mixer is a must have for preparing meals quickly and easily. This dough maker is easy to use due to its simple system. The Black and Decker DM50 B5 Dough Maker gives you soft and perfect texBlack and Decker food processor cuts up, grinds, and blends various ingredients precisely. This Black and Decker blender performs each task quickly. Prepare the irresistible dishes quickly and easily with the Black and Decker BX275 B5 Blender with Grinder Mill and Chopper Mill. This appliance is all you need to chop, blend, mix, and grind ingredients finely or roughly. It is easy to handle, use, and very effective in its results. This blender runs on a 300W motor, which makes the processing of food quick. This Black and Decker chopper plus blender has a simple design with a control knob for regulating speed according to your processing needs.tured batter and makes your time in the kitchen a breeze. This maker is crafted from sturdy and light materials for comfortable handling. It is powered by a 50W motor which gives you superior performance. It blends the flour, water, and other ingredients you need for your recipe into a perfect dough with its unique blade design. It has a 3.5L bowl for preparing a large quantity of dough in one go. This dough mixer is also easy to wash after use due to its nonstick interior coating./p get Key Features Watts 300 W Capacity 1.5 L Voltage 220 – 240 V Three in One This Black and Decker blender comes with a grinding and chopping mill to help you prepare a variety of dishes quickly. It has a 1.5L blending jar in which you can puree vegetables, make smoothies or shakes. The grinder comes in handy for smashing coffee beans, herbs, and spices. With the chopping mill, your vegetables, cheese, and meat get thawed as you like it in mere minutes. You can also crush ice in it to add to your cold drinks. Sturdy, Simple, and Very Efficient This Black and Decker food processor has a stainless steel serrated six blade system that cuts up the hardest of ingredients perfectly and evenly. It uses a 300W motor that powers up its high performing blades to finish up the task quickly. You have the option to control the speed with its two speed with pulse function to get fine and coarse chops, grinds and smooth blends. You can easily wash the blades and the jar with a simple detachment.


    The Black and Decker Coffee Maker is a treat for espresso lovers. Whether you are on a road trip or need some coffee to keep you up for work at night, this coffee maker will rejuvenate your mood and keep you fresh for the day that follows. Built with brilliance, this coffee maker has an insulated water reservoir that ensures a splash-free operation and thus, a high level of hygiene. It also has a permanent filter, which is reusable. This adds to the convenience of the user. It is simple to operate as well as safe for use. Also, the durable construction of this coffee maker speaks volumes about its long service life. Lastly, a bold black finish blends in elegantly with the stylish design of this coffee maker.

    The Black and Decker espresso maker comes with a 0.125L ceramic cup and has a 1 cup capacity, which makes it ideal for individual use. Using this coffee maker, you can prepare up to 180mL of espresso in one go. Also, the compact design of this coffee maker ensures that it occupies very little space on a kitchen countertop or any other surface. You can also carry it conveniently in a bag. Thus, whether you are a traveler or an espresso enthusiast, this coffee maker is what you need for a cup of warm, perfect espresso.

    Black & Decker 1 Cup Coffee Maker 330 Watts
    The Black and Decker portable coffee maker is very convenient to maintain. It is equipped with a pull-out filter holder that enables you to clean this espresso maker with remarkable ease. It also features a well-designed covered reservoir to maintain the highest level of hygiene to ensure that the user remains in sound health. Furthermore, this coffee maker also has a permanent filter, which is suitable for long-lasting use and can be used many times.


    This appliance gives you ready made waffles in minutes without requiring any effort from you. It has a large capacity with which you can prepare tasty snacks for the entire family. It uses a powerful 1750W motor for quick results every time. The appliance has a temperature control option that lets you adjust the heat of the maker to attain your preferred crispiness. So start cooking your favorite delicacies anytime at home with this durable, efficient, and compact waffle maker.
    The Black & Decker GM1750 waffle maker is highly efficient as it provides perfectly cooked snacks quickly. It reduces your effort considerably with its easy usability. It has a large cooking surface that can make many waffles in one go. You can get your desired thickness in your waffles by adjusting its hinge. And to make sure your waffles are not over or undercooked and are exactly as you like them, you have the temperature control option to set the heat at your preferred level. With this waffle maker, you can welcome guests anytime of the day and serve them with tasty snacks prepared quickly and easily.

    This Black & Decker waffle maker is unlike any snack maker. It is as easy to maintain as it is to use. This electronic appliance has nonstick plates that are easy to clean. It has a drip tray that keeps your kitchen spick and span by reducing oil spillage. The grill waffle maker also includes a spatula that helps while putting the waffles for cooking in the maker and removing the


    Effective concentrated antiseptic solution that kills bacteria and protects against the germs
    Use Dettol antiseptic liquid on cuts, scratches and insect bites to kill germs and protect against infection
    Contains chloroxylenol
    Keep out of sight and reach of children
    Do not use after expiry date printed on the bottle


    Total clean system allows easy cleaning of all components all non electrical parts are dishwasher safe just disassemble and clean
    2000 W for fast and effective grills performance healthier results as drainage channels allow cooking oils to drain away from food
    2 heat zones, a char-grill for searing steaks and a medium heat hotplate for healthy dry fried cooking og eggs and vegetables
    Tempered glass lid with stainless steel rim for cleaner cooking, cool touch handles for safe handling
    Variable heat settings ensure perfect results every time, large cooking area allow you to prepare a complete meal.


    The Kenwood JE290 Citrus Press Juicer in White makes squeezing citrus juice quick and easy. Citrus juices are packed full of vitamins which are quickly lost if they’re stored, so freshly squeezed drinks have more vitamins intact. The Citrus press will juice oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits, the cone or reamer rotates which presses the juice from the citrus half catching the pips in the sieve and the juice in the bowl beneath

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