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    Kick play time up a notch with this deluxe gym featuring five light-up piano keys, a repositionable toy arch and four musical settings that keep your little one rocking out for years. As your baby grows from lay and play to tummy time to sitting up at the piano, you can change up the music and learning, too. Smart Stages technology lets you change the learning content to best fit your baby’s age and stage, while real piano notes encourage your little Mozart to create a tune of their own. You can even detach the keyboard for musical fun on the go.

    Where development comes into play

    Sensory: Lots of bright colours, a variety of textures and all those exciting songs, sounds and phrases stimulate and engage your baby’s developing senses.

    Gross Motor: With all that kicking, reaching and pushing up, those little muscles are getting ready for big things.

    Curiosity and Wonder: Rewarding activities like pushing on the piano keys and hearing fun tunes will keep your baby coming back to this gym again and again.

    Early Academics: As your little active learner kicks and plays away, they’ll hear phrases and songs that reinforce what they see, introducing them to colours, shapes, numbers and animals.

  • Kid’s Fancy Dynamic Music Guitar Toy

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    The kid’s best enlightenment teacher. A great toy for develop and improve baby’s IQ. Baby can learn to recognize different tone, perception of rich and colorful world. Press the buttons can listen to different music. Stimulates your toddler’s sight, hearing and touch while triggering creativity

  • Nuby Complete Nursery Care Medical Kit

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    Product Description

    Are you looking for a medical Set for your baby that ensures safe medication and is also easy to use? Nuby brings to you a unique Medical Set for babies that is ideal for your little one and is very convenient to use. The light-weight medical kit contains a medical dropper that ensures that your baby gets the correct dose of medicine every time you feed him/her with it. The baby dropper ensures accurate dosage in both milliliters and teaspoons and the bulb structure of the dropper makes sure that the right dose is dispensed. The kit contains a medi-nurser that lets you administer the exact amount of vitamins and medicines to your little one. The equipment present in the kit ensure easy and safe medication to your little cherub.

    The medical set from Nuby is an ideal one for the new-born and you can carry it while travelling. The medical kit makes sure that your baby gets the correct dosages of ear and nasal medicines. The product is recommended by the Pediatricians. In case of a respiratory tract problem or a nasal congestion, you can give instant relief to your baby with the nasal aspirator in the kit, which is infused with an ear syringe. This handy medical kit is surely a boon to all the mothers. The medical kit has equipment that act tenderly on your baby’s gums and teeth.

    The medical kit comprises one unit each of medicine dropper, nasal aspirator with medicine dispenser and an ear syringe, and a Medi-Nurser. The product is recommended for the newborns. The kit is available in light blue, light green, and dark blue shades. So, you can buy the Nuby Medical Set today and keep your little angel protected.

    From the Manufacturer

    A First Aid Kit for Your Little One

    Nuby medical set for kids makes it easier to give medicine doses to your baby. Ideal for even newborns, this medical kit is very convenient to use. This lightweight kit makes is perfect to carry while travelling as well. The kit includes sure-dose medicine dropper that comes with both teaspoons and millilitres measurement marks that ensure your baby gets accurate dosage of medicine every time. The dropper has a bulb design that makes measurement easy. This kit includes a medi-nurser that allows you to administer the right amount of oral medicines and vitamins to your baby. All the equipment included in this kit is easy to hold and helps medicate your baby safely.

    Handy Medical Set for Emergencies

    Nuby’s medical set takes care of your baby’s nasal and ear doses as well. The other two equipment of this baby medical kit ensure the nasal and ear medication needs of your baby. Paediatrician recommended nasal aspirator with a ear syringe provides immediate relief to your baby in case of nasal congestion or respiratory tract discomfort. The medicine dispenser insures an accurate dosage of the medicine. All the equipment of this baby medical kit is safe to use and designed specially to be gentle on your baby’s tender teeth and gums. For medicating your baby on the go, this medical kit comes with a secure-fit travel cap.

    • Gender: Unisex
    • Includes: One unit each of medicine dropper, medi-Nurser, nasal aspirator with ear syringe and medicine dispenser
    • Convenient to use
    • Recommended Age: Newborn and up

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